As the economic climate of the Bay Area has grown to represent one of the most intelligent, rich, and innovative regions in the world, the artistic climate has proportionally stagnated.

San Francisco's allure as the cultural center of the Bay has drawn in a wave of tech employees, and has had the unintended effect of displacing the artistic community by way of rapidly rising rent and cost of living. While a major component of the cultural makeup of the Bay Area lies in its musical heritage, its economic success now poses a direct challenge to the vitality of the Bay's artistic ecology.

The mission of the Diablo Jazz Company is to connect established institutions and businesses in our region with its local arts ecology in a meaningful way. The vision is simple: to present inspiring and organic performances featuring top tier improvising musicians with established careers. A Diablo performance brings an unmatched ambience to gatherings, while allowing businesses to directly support the artistic community of the Bay Area.

The Diablo Jazz Company has committed to giving 10% of its proceeds to local, non profit, small level arts organizations.